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Monday, November 16, 2009

Warning: Pumpkin Shortage

Have you ever had one of those night where you have too many errands to name?  You find yourself running to every grocery store imaginable to cross off items on your never ending to-do list?  That was me a few weeks ago.  I went to 3 different grocery stores looking for Libby's canned pumpkin and each store the shelf was bare where the Libby's should have been.  Finally, I arrived at the fourth store and low and behold there was a note in the Libby's spot (of course there was no canned pumpkin there either).  It read " Due to the rainfall this season there is a pumpkin shortage.  Libby's canned pumpkin will be limited throughout the 2009 holiday season". Ok...WHAT?  I have now turned into the crazy woman on the look-out for Libby's canned pumpkin!  I even have my sister n'law in California willing to mail me some Libby's from her store.  How can we have a good 2009 holiday season with limited supply of Libby's?  Long story short (too late?) if your store has Libby's on it's shelves...please grab them while supplies last!

In the meantime....I have attached a link to an article from the Libby's website explaining this catastrophe and offering some alternative desserts that do not have pumpkin on their ingredient list.

* Photo courtesy of Libby's

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