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Monday, February 1, 2010

Cooking With The Spouse!

When I married my husband he did not know his way around a kitchen...and believe me...he did not want to learn.  He had no interest at all!  Which was fine with me, because I really don't like someone next to me (or in my way) in the kitchen.  When we built our house I purposely made an extra large kitchen so that I could have two islands.  One island was for me...and me alone where I could work my magic in the kitchen.  The other island was for everyone else to congregate around (purposely put right next to the beverage fridge!). Now, in the the three years that we have been married my dear hubbie has been showing more and more interest to all things in the kitchen.  At first I was in a state of shock.  Then, I have to admit, I started to get just a bit annoyed because he would come in and add his "two cents" about how I should do something or what I should add into a recipe or eliminate from a recipe.  I would say to him "I don't tell you how to do your job and how to sell ad space, so don't tell me what to do in my kitchen". know what...I started to enjoy  his company! And you know what times (not all the time) he really does know what he is talking about!  I like having the hubster in the kitchen!  It has become a way for us to spend time together and to also work together!  In his own little way he is showing that he cares and that he has an interest in what interests me!  Pretty special if you ask me!  So the next time your spouse wants to help you in the kitchen say, yes, and make a great dinner together. Better yet, make a romantic dinner and then enjoy it together afterwards at the dining room table with some candles and soft music!  This may sound cheesy...but try it once and you will do it again for sure!  Bon Appetit!

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