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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everyone Needs A " Time Out " !

So I gave myself a "time out" for the last few days. I dropped the twins off at my mom's, my husband is out of town for the week and I drove down to the city to stay with my sister. We went to the Tim McGraw charity concert at Joe's on Weed on tuesday night and shopped until we dropped all day on Wednesday.
 I think everyone deserves a "time out". Whether it is from your kids and house, as in my case, or just a break from your everyday routine of work and paying bills.  I have now come back re-freshed with a
clear mind and ready to be a wife and mother again. During my "time out" my sister and I also went
 to two of my very favorite restaraunts in the city: Meli Cafe & Juice bar
and Quartino  The next two posts will be reveiws of these two restaraunts.  The moral of this post is; it is ok to take a break....everything will be waiting for you in the exact same place when you get home!

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