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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's In The Presentation

One thing I have learned about entertaining over the years is that "It's In The Presentation".  By this I mean that no matter what you make or what you have catered you have to make it look nice in order to serve it to your guests.  It could be the best tasting food ever and the most delicious recipe you have ever made, but if you don't present it well then you are doing yourself and your guests a disservice.  A key to presentation is all in the platters and the "arranging".  You could easily serve some cheese, crackers and meats to your guests for an appetizer, but you have to put some thought, effort and order as to how you are going to arrange these items on a platter.  The photo to the right is something I put together quickly after my husband came home from a hectic day at work.  I could have easily opened a sleeve of crackers and had a hunk of cheese on a plate with a knife.  I wanted to let him know I put some effort into what I made for him and that I was thinking about him.  Another way to present food well is to place platters, trays and dishes on decorative napkins, placemats and tablecloths.  One last way I like to present food is on all white dishes and platters.  Sure, I have a lot of fun colorful bowls and platters, but if I really want the dish that I am serving to "pop" I present it on an all white platter or bowl.  By doing this the colors of your food and your ingredients stand out.  If you present your food and recipes well your guests will know that you actually thought about them...and guess what...they will want to come back again!

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