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Monday, October 19, 2009


L'Appetito ( ) is located at 875 N. Michigan Avenue.  It is located next to the Cheesecake Factory down below the Hancock Building.  It is an italian pastry shop / deli.  I used to eat here for lunch when I worked down the street.  The deli serves all kinds of made while you wait sandwichs and pizzas.  They also serve fresh made salads to go.  The pastry shop is to die for.  Everything from chocolate cake to smiley face cookies.  On the day that we stopped by we had to try both their rasberry and apricot kolaczki cookies which were great!  We also had them wrap up a razberry bar and cannoli to go (we had them for dessert later on in the evening).  When I worked in the area and had to come up with a dessert quick if I was having a party or if I was going to one...I always stopped by L'Appetito and they would make up a pastry tray for me.  This is a hidden gem in the city. If you are ever near the Hancock building remember this place for a quick treat!

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