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Friday, October 9, 2009

Speciality Cocktail

Always have a speciality cocktail!  No matter what event you are hosting...always have a speciality cocktail.  This is a major entertaining "do"! Now, I am not trying to be a Sandra Lee, but it is so welcoming to a guest if you have a speciality cocktail awaiting when they arrive.  When your guests arrive at your home have some appetizers out for them to munch on and also have a speciality cocktail out for them with the special glass it will go in.  I also always have the recipe of the drink printed on a little card so that the guest can feel at home and make themselves a new one whenever they want should the host or hostess be busy.  You do not have to be gourmet all the time either.  You could be grilling out hot dogs and hamburgers and your speciality drink could be a pomegranate margarita or a vodka lemonade.  We had both sets of our parents over this past summer for an italian dinner.  We served Campari Cocktails to go with the italian theme.  Another time this summer we had our friends Kerry and Justin over for a grilled steak dinner with an italian chopped pasta salad.  We served Italian Margaritas.  A speciality cocktail is just one little way you can show your guests that you gave some thought to them and to their visit at your home!

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  1. I still dream about those Italian Maragritas! :)