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Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow Bao

Wow Bao ( ) is located at 835 N. Michigan Avenue in the Water Tower Place shopping center.  If you are walking along Michigan Ave. it is right next to Macy's and you can enter right off the street.  It is located in the right side corner of the lobby area of the mall.  Once again, I used to frequent this place for lunch when I worked in the city.  They specialize in an asian like steamed dumpling called a "bao" that is filled with all kinds of wonderful stuff!  On the day we were there I wanted my husband to try just a sampling of what they had to offer so we just ordered two: the spicy mongolian beef and the kung pao chicken.  My husband could have eaten at least 4 of these without a problem!  I used to get one bao and also their chicken noodle soup for lunch.  The soup is to die for!  I will not even try to attempt to re-create is that good!  If you are ever downtown shopping and would like a quick bite to eat without having to stop...please try Wow Bao.  Not only is good fast food, but it is also easy on the budget.

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