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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are We Forgetting Something????

My husband and I brought our girls to our town's holiday kickoff event this past friday night.  My brother is on the Chamber of Commerce for our town and he had mentioned that he and his family were going to be boycotting this event.  The reason being was that he fought hard at all the Chamber's meeting's to have this holiday event take place after Thanksgiving and not before it.  His main argument was that it was a Christmas event and a Christmas event should not take place before Thanksgiving. Long story short, the Chamber voted against my brother and held the event the Friday before Thanksgiving.  We wanted to support our town and have our girls enjoy the Christmas spirit so we decided to attend. The event was very cute and I believe they did a great job.  They had horse drawn carriage rides, they had rides on a Santa "choo choo" train, they even had the "Big Man" himself.  They had carolers, they had Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, name it they had everything Christmas related..... brother was 100% was held too early.  Mentally I am not there yet.  Mentally and physically I am in the now...I am in the Thanksgiving spirit...not the Christmas spirit.  It just makes me think that we are just rushing our lives away and we are not enjoying the "now" - the present.   I feel like we are just getting through the summer months and there is Halloween items out starting in August. Then all of a sudden Halloween comes and Chirstmas stuff is out before Halloween is over!  What about Thanksgiving? Are we forgetting something?  It is the holiday of thanks...and our society is just giving it a millisecond of time to recognize it.  Here is my vote...if my vote counts....let's slow things down a bit.  Let's enjoy Thanksgiving up until the day of Thanksgiving.  Then the next day we can wake up, go shopping and see all the tinsel and glitter and trees.  We can wake up and start thinking about the Christmas cookies we are going to make and the parties we will attend or hold.  We can then start thinking about getting our Christmas tree and putting all our decorations up.  Let's enjoy our lives one holiday at a time.  By the way...let's not rush through Christmas makes me sad to see all those Christmas trees on the curb ready to be thrown out the day after Christmas.  They are probably dead because those people put them up on October 31st!  That is my 2 cents...long winded sorry...but this is my blog and that is how I feel.  Anyone else who wants to live in the "now" please add your comments.  Thanks and let's save Thanksgiving!

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