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Monday, November 23, 2009

Festive Party Waters

When I set my dining room table for a holiday meal or a special event dinner I always set it with a water glass on the table.  My usual "go to" water is lemon water.  I fill a pitcher with ice and water. I then slice some lemons and place the lemons in the water.  I also place ice in everyone's glass and also a slice of lemon. 
It looks pretty and tastes great.  Around the holidays I also love to use cranberries.  This got me to thinking about how pretty some cranberries would be in a water pitcher and water glasses on a holiday colorful and festive!  Here are some more fun, festive party water ideas:

Lemon-Herb Water:  Lemon Slices, mint or basil leaves, and edible flowers
Lime-Cucumber Water:  Lime slices, matchstick cucumber slices, and mint leave
Berry-Rose Water:  Raspberries and pesticide-free pink roses
Orange Water:  Orange and kumquat slices
Cranberry Water:  Handful of cranberries
Blood Orange Water:  Blood orange slices with cranberries
*Photo # 1 Courtesy of Country Living
 *Photo # 2 Courtesy of Habelman Cranberries

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