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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving "Do's & Don'ts"

While paging through my November - Bon Appetite magazine, I came across an article on Thanksgiving "Do's & Don'ts. It is written by Andrew Knowlton, a BA Foodist and Restaurant Editor for Bon Appetite.  I would like to share this article with you as it may help some of you make it through this Thanksgiving hosting event!  It is pretty funny and true!

  1. "Lovely guest, this is no time to chat with me about little Timmy's academic problems or the Super Bowl.  Most people, myself included, cook best when there's relatively little talking.  Walk into many great restaurant kitchens and, despite what you may have seen on reality TV, it's quiet.  Everyone's head is down, and the cooks are concentrating on peeling the potatoes or mixing the vinaigrette.  You want the perfect Thanksgiving meal?  Go mingle with someone else."
  2. "No matter how confident a cook you are, Thanksgiving dinner takes organization.  For example, I rarely make to-do lists.  Around Thanksgiving, I do. (Dressing, check.  Cranberries, check.  Gravy....damn, I forgot the gravy.)
  3. "Read recipes carefuly and thoroughly, especially it it's  your first time making a dish.  The first time I decided to serve fried turkey, I did a test run a few weeks before - just to make sure I could pull it off".
  4. "A few sips of wine while cooking is part of the experience, but be careful.  A tipsy chef leads to burned rolls and scorched marshmallows".
  5. "Delegate.  Run your Thanksgiving as  you would a restaurant.  Ask someone to bring the dessert, someone to set the table, someone to pour the wine, someone to clear the table, and someone to do the dishes".
  6. Don't forget to enjoy yourself once everything is on the table.  Take a moment to revel in people's compliments.  And be sure to give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it".

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