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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year - New You!

Do you think if we keep repeating that phrase " New Year - New You, New Year - New You", that we will actually do it this time?  We try to eat fairly healthy around here, but of course we stray around the holidays just like everyone else.  I am so sick of looking at Christmas cookies!  How is it that something so fun to make and eat just a few short weeks ago can sicken me now when I look at them?  So...that being said...the cookies are long gone...either eaten or thrown out....and I am ready to start me New Year - New You life!  I plan to make and post at least one salad a week.  I have come up with some great salad recipes over the years.  I am not talking a bowl of lettuce with some lemon juice on it either.  These are hearty and healthy salads that I serve to  my handsome hubby...and he loves them!  Please keep on eye out for some healthy new posts in the up coming weeks!  HAPPY NEW YEAR...oh ya....and...HAPPY NEW YOU!!!!

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