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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Breakfast


When I was growing up I would sleep over at my Grandma & Grandpa's a lot with my brother's and sister.  We just loved everything my Grandma made for us.  For some reason her bologna sandwich's were so much better when she made them and we ate them at her house for lunch.  She turned chicken broth and simple noodles into an italian lunch time soup called "pastina" that I serve my daughters now.  Our most favorite breakfast that she made for us was simple eggs and toast.  She did not however just put a piece of toast and an egg on a plate...nope...not Grandma!  She made things that she called "Eggs & Toast" where she would generously butter a slice of toast, break it up into pieces into a bowl, chop up a "runny" poached egg on top, sprinkle it with salt and pepper....and ta-dah....yummy, yummy!  Our other favorite egg & toast breakfast she made us was called "Egg In A Hole".  She would take a piece of toast and butter each side of it.  She then would tear out a circle from the middle.  The toast would be placed in a fry pan.  An egg would be broken into the cut out hole off the toast and the pan would be covered.  We then would be served an "Egg In A Hole".  It is now coming up upon Valentine's Day and I came across a picture in an In Style magazine.  It was a picture of an "Egg In A Hole", but for Valentine's Day the hole was cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  This just brought back memories of my childhood at my Grandma's.  This year for Valentine's Day I am going to make a "Heart Shaped Egg In A Hole" for my kids and husband.  They will love it and I know it will make them feel special!

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